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Boating Season Begins

With summer just a few weeks away and the Figawi race already completed for 2015, it must mean that boating season has finally arrived on Cape Cod!

Have you checked yet? Is your boat completely ready for you and your guests to enjoy?

  • Motor working?...Check

  • Gas filled?...Check

  • Safety Gear on board?...Check

  • Fridge filled?...Check

  • Cooler iced up and stocked...But, of course!...Check

Cabin cruiser.jpg

Don't worry...we're here to help.

We will come to you or your right to your Yacht Club or Boat Yard to bring that sparkle back to your pride and joy.

From Aft to Bow and Port to Starboard, we will steam clean your interior carpets & upholstery as well as hand-detail all of your interior to bring a shine to your boat and a smile to your face. With our portable extactor we can reach any level, high or low.

We are above board (yup, pun intended) about all our pricing and services... just give us a call at 774.228.7657 or contact us here. Enjoy yourselves and leave the cleaning to us!

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