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3 Must-Dos Before Spring Cleaning

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Spring has (finally) sprung here on the Cape and it's time to start thinking about dusting ourselves off from the long harsh winter months. By us, I mean ourselves, our clothing and our homes! Yup...Spring Cleaning time is once again upon us.

Here are 3 quick things to get yourself started:

1. Open Your Windows

We've been cooped up inside for a long time, breathing in all the same stale and sometimes, sickly, air. During the day time while it's warmer, turn off your heat and then open up all your windows to get that fresh air circulating throughout your home.

Go back around at dinnertime and close them up and, if need be, turn your heat back on. Do this each day until the weather warms up completely...You won't believe how energizing just that little step is!

2. Everything in Its Place

They say that flourescent lights offer a replacement for Vitamin D that we're not getting from the sun in the winter. So where do we get flourescent lights? Why from shopping the big stores of course. So perhaps you've been using the winter months to pick up a "few things"'s the time to declutter and organize.

Make 3 piles...Keep, Store, Get Rid Of.

The third pile is the most important as it takes some willpower to say...OK I haven't worn/used this in 2 years...BE GONE! These items can be donated to a shelter or other charitable organization (did you know that even pet shelters love to get old blankets and towels?) or you can start tagging them for your #GetRidOfEverythingYardSale

Once you have decided to which fate each item will succumb, make sure to follow through. You don't want to find bags of discarded clothing in the garage next spring!

3. Fix'er Upper

So now you've been rejuvenated from the fresh air in your home and you're feeling accomplished by putting everything in it's place. It's now a great time to go around your house (inside and out) to determine what needs fixing up. Better to get the "Fix'in" done before the cleaning...otherwise you'll be cleaning up twice!

There are some things that most of us can do on our own and many things that we're going to need some help, if not a professional, to take care of.

Make two lists:

  • You Fix It

  • Next to what needs to be done

  • Write out what you have on hand to get the job done

  • Jot down what you need to purchase and then get out there and get it

  • Cross off each task as it's makes you feel SO GOOD!

  • Need Some Help

  • Next to what needs to be done

  • Write out names and numbers of helpers, call and get Quotes if necessary

  • Add their Quotes next to their names

  • Determine what is in your budget at this time and make the appointments.

  • The earlier in the season you call, the better your chances are that you will get the jobs done when you want them done. Lots of Summer Residents come down later looking for the same professionals you are trying to hire


So, now you're ready for the Big Spring Clean!

But I bet you're looking forward to going out and walk the beaches instead of satying indoors one more day just to do the cleaning. Why not check with us and see how we can help you clean up the rest! Give us a call at 774.228.2657. When we're done, you'll know we've been there! Happy Spring

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