Your Carpets and Rugs Need TLC

As the summer comes to a close and you think about cleaning and closing up your Cape House for the season...LOOK DOWN!

Don't forget your carpets and rugs that have been doing heavy duty for you all summer long.

Rugs and carpets are there not only for their beauty and addition to the overall theme of your home, they are there to protect your wood and other surface floors from the harmful effects of the outside being tracked indoors.

Between beach sand and salt being tracked in and captured by your carpets and the increase of fleas and other insects during the hot summer months, your rugs are filled with outdoor materials that you'd rather keep outside.

Mashpee Cleaning Service has truckmounted and portable carpet cleaning capabilites that will rid your home of these unwanted homesteaders!

You don't have carpets...just rugs? Let us take care of them for you by removing them from your home, cleaning them and delivering them back to you.

Has you beautiful pet brought home some unwanted visitors? Again, Mashpee Cleaning Services will come to your home and leave your carpets clean and critter-free!

Take a look at our End of Summer Carpet Cleaning Special on our home page.

Pay for for two rooms to be cleaned and we will do the third regular size room (250 sq ft or less) FREE of CHARGE for you.

Call us now at 774.288.2657 to book your appointment.

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