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Have You Checked Your Water Heater Lately

Cape Cod Emergency Water Clean-up
Before you run into an issue, you may just want to check your water heater for signs of failure before it happens unexpectedly! '

Here are a few signs that trouble is brewing...

  1. Is it 10-15 Years Old? You're going to need a new one!

  2. No Hot Water? Check that the power/pilot light is on. If yes, you may have a problem

  3. Is the hot water coming out rusty? If yes, then you may have a problem

  4. Does the Hot Water Smell or Taste Metallic? Could be you have a problem

  5. Is Your Water Heater Making Loud Cracks and Pops? Ummm...sounds like trouble

  6. You See Leaking Water Around the Water Heater... Houston, we have a problem!

If this happens, turn off Electricity or Gas immediately. Let it cool down. Get out to a home improvement store and buy a new water heater or call your local plumber to take care of it for you.

If you forgot to check your water heater and you do encounter and unexpected major water leak, call us 24/7 and we will take care of the water cleanup for you immediately.

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