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Rentor Tips: And So It Begins

Ready of not, here they come!!!!

And so in our little slice of paradise, the season has begun. Mashpee Cleaning Services has put together some tips for all you Rentors out there - especially those of you renting out your property for the first time.

3 Things for YOU to do immediately

  1. Write up or obtain a rental agreement that both parties sign upon sending out deposit

  2. Set up a Bank Account for the cleaning/security depostis you will hold in escrow


(Mashpee Cleaning Services has been proudly serving Upper/Mid Cape Cod for 13 yrs)

5 Items to make sure you provide for all your guests:

  1. A list of Emergency Contact Numbers

  2. Fire, Police, Ambulance

  3. Your plumber...just in case

  4. Your Contact information

  5. a Neighbor's contact information in case you are unreachable

  6. How to turn on and off Heat and A/C

  7. What to do with the trash/garbage

8 Items that are expected by guests renting your property

(unless otherwise stipulated in the rental agreement)

  1. Bath towels, hand towels and facecloths - 2 sets per guest per rental week as well as bath mats

  2. Sheets, pillows blankets and spreads for all beds, including sleep sofas

  3. Extra pillows or blankets

  4. Beach towels and beach chairs or blanket (so they don't take your bath towels or bed spreads)

  5. Fully applianced and appointed kitchen (place settings, silverware, serving utensils, pots, pans, toaster, coffee maker)

  6. Liquid hand soap, dish (and/or dishwasher) detergent, kithchen towels, scrubbers, paper towels

  7. Internet capabilites

  8. An outdoor Grill (gas or charcoal supplied by you)

5 items that are unexpected and will make a lasting impression

(by way of great reviews, referrals and/or repeat business for you)

  1. Fresh cut flowers on the table or a box of CapeCod Salt Water Taffy

  2. Beach Passes (even if they have to share in or pay for them)

  3. Passes to local restuarnts, gyms and entertainment venues (you might go to the locals and ask for free or discount guest passes - advertising for them as well!)

  4. Map of the local area...GPS is great but if you don't have your bearings, who knows what you'll miss!

  5. Prompt return of their Security (or cleaning) deposit. You might also include a Thank You note and the URL for your property listing so they can get a jump on their visit next year!


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