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Dryer Vent Cleaning


According to the US Fire administration, 2900 house fires per year are caused by clothes dryers.  An ounce of prevention will help you steer clear from becoming one of these statistics

What You Can Do

Get in the habit of having everyone in your household clean out the dryer trap after each and every load of clothes has been dried

Make sure that a professional has set up the vent system properly to ensure free-flow of air and particles

Install a smoke detector and the proper fire extinguisher in your laundry area

Do not dry clothing while you are sleeping or when no one is at home

Have your vent system professionally cleaned annually

What We Will Do
We will take an airflow test prior to cleaning your vents
We will clean your vent system using our powerful vacuum
We will take another airflow reading
We will clean your vent system again until we get a safe reading
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